Coffee for Newbies;
Different Types of Coffee​

A simple visit to a coffee shop can tell you everything you need to know about how many variants of coffee there are – you couldn’t count them all even if you tried.

There are so many different brews, beans, and types, that you probably won’t be able to taste them in one lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

In this guide, we will look into the most commonly consumed types of coffee drinks.

There are so many different brews, beans, and types, that you probably won’t be able to taste them in one lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.


Coffee in its purest form, an espresso is just a single shot of coffee served straight to you. Not for beginners, this intense type of coffee is great for a pick me up and is extremely strong in flavour.


Great for chocolate lovers or newbies to coffee, mochas are basically a hot chocolate with coffee. They consist of an espresso shot, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and are often served with whipped cream.

Flat White

Flat white is a popular milk-based coffee consisting of espresso with a lower amount of steamed milk. The espresso flavor still dominates the aroma, while the milk serves as a supporting taste. Its not the same things as a white coffee however (which is a coffee bean originating from Yemen.)


One of the most popular types of coffee in the world, a cappuccino is made with an espresso shot, steamed milk and finished with a layer of foam (sometimes topped with cocoa powder).


A latte is different from cappuccino because it contains a lot of milk, while cappuccino preserves the stronger espresso taste. A Latte is not the same things as a flat white however, which is a common misconception. Flat whites have much less foamed milk/bubbles.


A Macchiato is a strong coffee shot with just a bit of milk. Originally from Italy (and translating to stain or mark), it’s safe to assume the universal understanding of a macchiato is an espresso shot with a small dash of milk. But depending on where you are in the world and what cup you’re using, you may get something slightly different.

Final Thoughts

All these types of drinks are only the tip of the iceberg. With coffee being an important part of worldwide cultures and history, you will always get to find a new variation that you have never heard before. Hopefully, this article has helped you discover some new varieties of your favorite drink. But remember – this is just a start.

Most coffee drinkers generally know of maybe 3 or 4 different types: if you are quite new to the world of coffee, we hope you enjoyed reading about the most popular styles of coffee available, and maybe next time you’re ordering  your morning brew at Daisys By The Park @ Dundas Valley you can try something new and exciting

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