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Our supplier of quality coffee beans, Allpress Espresso, believes that coffee is not just about that caffeine hit to get over the 3pm slump. It’s about human connection. Stopping off at a cafe for your favourite brew is another way we can connect with those around us. Next time you are ordering your beverage of choice, why not have a chat with the barista, or the stranger waiting next to you. It is often these conversations that enlighten our day the most. If you are inclined to have your head down checking emails or your instagram feed, why not stop and look out the window instead, or observe the family having breakfast together before they start their day. It is these small acts of coming together that connect us all through a mutual love of coffee but can elevate our day beyond the digital world.
In this blog we will tell you a little bit about their unique roasting techniques.

Next time you are ordering your beverage of choice, why not have a chat with the barista, or the stranger waiting next to you.

About Allpress Espresso Roasters

During the late 80’s, the founder, Michael Allpress was living in the North West of America and his curiosity began to grow about what was influencing the taste of his coffee. He noticed that while the origin, preparation and equipment was important, there was something else that every quality cup of coffee he kept tasting shared. That one thing, setting the mediocre and the exceptional apart, was the roast method.

Mike confirmed this when he traced a coffee from Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, from the cup to its roaster, down a dusty road nearby. He found the roaster who was packing in for the day and as the roaster fired up one last time, the penny finally dropped. The underlying flavour enhancer stood right in front of Mike – a Hot Air Roaster. This discovery has led Allpress Espresso to exclusively roast coffee using this superior method. To date they have completely reconditioned three of their roasters. And they have gone one step further in their Dunedin, Melbourne and London Roasteries – partnering with technical engineer Mike Scobie, to build their own roasters designed for flavour first. The result is A.R.T – Air Roasting Technologies. A roaster, built by a roaster.

The benefit of Hot Air Roasting isn’t in what you can see, it’s in what you can’t. Traditional drum roasting billows smoke as the coffee drops into the cooling tray, but the advantage with Hot Air Roasting is that when the beans hit the cooling tray there are no grey clouds to be seen. This allows the unique character of every bean to shine through and the burnt taste that traditional drum roasting causes to disappear – smoke and all.

Another benefit, again, isn’t in what you can see but it’s in what you can taste – their Hot Air Roast method elevates natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and gives the lasting flavour Allpress Espresso is known for.

They are proud of the roasters they’ve built – after all, it’s part of the reason that you can enjoy every brew knowing you’re in the best hands possible. Discover Allpress Espresso coffee at Daisys By The Park and you can be the judge of it’s unique roasting techniques.

Source: https://au.allpressespresso.com/roast-method-matters

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